campaign inspired dresser makeover (in 1 day)

Unfamiliar with what a “campaign” piece of furniture might look like?  Check out Bob Vila, Google or Pinterest.  I’m definitely not the first do this type of DIY!

A little background: I have been looking for 2 identical pieces of furniture for a while now (for over a year!).  Ideally, I wanted a two door style cabinet or even small dressers, to be used on either side of a sofa/day bed in my master bedroom.

The shopping: I have been popping into vintage, antique and thrift shops and have spent hours browsing online at craigslist and Kijiji.  I even happily discovered a used office reseller and a hotel furniture reseller (huge warehouses…soooo fun, I will be back for sure).  BUT, aside from small night tables it was rare to find two matching pieces I liked.  I checked out big box stores like HomeSense, Ikea and even Walmart but the sizes were always wrong.  Once in a while I would check out furniture stores, only to find pieces which would have been gorgeous, but because I needed to purchase two of them, it was way over my budget!

3 drawer dresser makeover DIY

The score: 9a.m last Friday I was browsing through a thrift store I like to frequent and came upon two small almond color 80’s dressers.  Although they were not exactly what I had in mind -sure, the gold strip above the first drawer was a real put off, but they were in excellent shape, very well constructed (by a company in Quebec, Canada -not China!) and the real brass handles had a great vintage look and nicely worn patina.  When I whipped out the measuring tape, I found them to be the PERFECT dimensions for the snug, built-in look I was after.  And at $20 each, I decided I had to take the risk.

The process: On the way home I started thinking that I could quite easily add some L and T brass hardware to trim out the dressers and give them that campaign look.  At my local HOME HARDWARE improvement store, I picked up 3 cans of Krylon white gloss spray paint, then headed over to the hardware isle. That’s when I spotted something different:  These really pretty, curvy, brass drawer corners that I guess I would describe as Moorish in design.

DIY makeover campaign morrocan inspired drawercorner

After some deep contemplation and hesitation I decided to go for it.  After-all, the existing drawer pulls are not true campaign style and at $12 to $20 per drawer pull for the real deal x 6 drawers, I wasn’t exactly thrilled about replacing them, especially since I actually loved the original pulls.

vintage brass handle

The Moorish brass corners come in two sizes: I bought 4 packs of the large ones and 2 packs of the small (4 corners in each pack).  I figured I would put the smaller ones on the first drawer …for extra interest.  OK, fine, that reason and the fact that they only had 4 packs left of the large ones in stock. LOL.  But honestly it was a happy accident … I never do anything just because it’s easy and fast … I am actually pretty picky! (Hello? I waited one whole year to find the perfect furniture pieces to fit in that space in my room didn’t I?!).

white high glossspray paint dresser KRYLON

The DIY: Back home, I removed the pulls, taped off the gold strip and started spray painting.  It took 4 light coats, allowing a couple of hours of drying time in between.  Luckily the weather outside was perfect: no humidity, a little breezy, dry and sunny.  By dinnertime I was putting the drawer pulls back on and installing the “morrocan-ish” drawer corners.

DIY dresser makeover campaign morrocan inspired

The end: Before the hubs got back from his business trip later that evening I had lugged them into our bedroom and began the fun part of styling them!

styled campaign dresser

And then a funny thing happened; I now actually LOVE the once tacky gold strip above the first drawer!

DIY dresser morrocan campaign inspired

Don’t you love it when a project just all comes together?!

DIY morrocan campaign  dresser whiteWhat do you think?

Update: For photos of the entire completed space click HERE.


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