The Tube Dress Throw Pillow Skirt

sequins tube dress FOREVER 21

I have teenagers.  Which means I often shop in places like Urban Planet, Forever 21 and American Eagle.  Sometimes, I’ll even come home with a little something for myself.  No, I am not the mom who goes to Pilates wearing leggings with “SASSY” written across her behind, nor am I running to the grocery store in daisy dukes and cropped flouncy tops.  However, when it comes to inexpensive jewelry, scarves or a pair of polka dot flip flops -I’m in!

tube dress

Sometime back in February, I was checking out the clearance racks, looking for deals for the kids when I spotted some really nice holiday tube dresses or should I say tube tops?! (side note: I mean, is it just me or are some of these dresses designed for young women under 4 feet tall!) Anyways, I had a great idea …and for the price, I felt it was worth testing out my little experiment…

sequins aqua tube dress

Once home I made a small cut to the dress liner (using fabric scissors) and removed the built-in bra cups.

cutting the bra cups from tube dress

Next, I grabbed a rectangle (not square) pillow and inserted it to the middle part of the dress and folded the sides inward… and that’s it.  A no sew pillow in an instant!

tube dress turned pillow

Now, obviously this is the kind of throw pillow you don’t have on your TV watching sofa, or on a chair that gets tons of use, because aside from not being comfortable to snuggle with, it isn’t made to be handled: the pillow will eventually work it’s way loose and out of the dress.  However, on a daybed, tucked in a sea of other pillows, in my bedroom -it’s perfect!

tube dress turned pillow

Why don’t I just make a proper DIY pillow and sew it up you ask?  Well this is the best part:  Because for the once a year (if that) where I wish I had a sparkly party skirt, I can have that too -also, in an instant.  Yup, these form-fitting-20-something-club-hopping-tube-dresses, make for a sweet twist on the just above the knee or of the moment midi skirt! (tip:be sure to keep the shirt and shoes simple).

tube dress turned skirt

This past Saturday night, when my daughter started to rummage in my closet to help me choose an outfit for my friends 40th surprise birthday party, I told her that I had it under control and whipped the pillow out of the Tube-Dress-Throw-Pillow-Skirt and slipped it on.  Despite sighing and calling me a mermaid (isn’t that a good thing?) I know she was secretly impressed.

TUTORIAL: The-Tube-Dress-Throw-Pillow-Skirt

So, what do you think?  Any of you have a DIY story of a dress or skirt turned something else?  Feel free to share!

tube dress turned skirt


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