when your photo is too small for your picture frame


Sure.  You could simply have your photo enlarged.  But it’s when you lack the time or patience that you sometimes come up with a creative, original and more personal idea!

vintage porcelaine frame / night table vignette

I got the vintage off-white (trimmed in gold) porcelain picture frame for $2 at NOVA a couple of months back.  I had it hiding in the “when I finally do a mini-makeover to my bedroom” pile in my closet!

photo corners / vintage procelaine frame

I chose the photo I wanted to use (photo of the hubs on our honeymoon), but when I put it in the frame I realized the photo needed to be 5×7, not 4×6.  I remembered I had kept the unused pieces of an art project and figured it would be perfect to experiment with (for more on that click HERE).

hang jewelry on phot frame for added color and eclectic feel

night table vignette

I cut out a rectangle slightly larger than 5×7 and using white photo corners which I already had (purchased for a different project!) I  centered the photo on the art scrap.  I wasn’t sure about it until I slipped it back into the picture frame.  But I love the little bit of the pale aqua art peaking out from behind!  I think it helps to further enforce the room’s new color accent and I prefer my night table’s softer vignette.

vintage steel tanker bookcase re-purposed as night tables with storage and accessorized with items I already had


night table vignette aqua blue & white


Don’t have any art scraps hanging around?  Try newspaper, wrapping or craft paper!


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