legit FREE ART

“You’re welcome”

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YUP.  Did you know that there are actual legitimate websites where you can download out-of-copyright art, for free?

SO.  Assuming you have access to a color printer, a sheet of quality printer paper/cardstock and an un-used frame tucked away in the back of your closet -then yes, say it with me “FREE ART”.

THE FINE PRINT. Some of these online free printable sites have one specific rule.  The lingo goes something like this: “private non-commercial use of individuals… anyone selling, distributing or recreating these images can be prosecuted…”.  Basically, use them for your own personal use for a happy, guilt free, home decor option!!

P.S. Bookmark or Pin this blog-post now and on that next rainy Sunday afternoon you can take your time perusing these websites and whip up some art for your home with the click of a mouse! You’re welcome.

Click on the links or art samples below to be taken right to the source!








Vintage Stock Image - Lavender Plant - Botanical

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Art-Painting-Interior-Woman-ironingCircles Initial Free Printable Nursery ArtworkWANT MORE? Head over to EverythingEtsy.com where Kim has a great list of 101 Pretty Printables which includes printables for your canned preserves, gift tags, labels, cards and decor for your next party!

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