Why not spruce up your sofa with Dog Beds?!

“watch out pooch, dog beds are not just for the dogs!”

dog bed pillows

Even if you don’t have a four legged best friend, you have to admit that there are some cute dog beds popping up these days at places like Target and even Costco.  They come in a variety of fabrics and patterns and are very reasonably priced considering the massive size of the “throw pillow”.  That’s right, when you really stop to think about it, a dog bed is nothing but a huge throw pillow.  Which got me thinking… for those with a daybed or who have an old sofa that needs a little oomph, why not add/replace the large back pillows with large dog beds?!  An easy, super budget friendly solution!

Dog Bed Throw Pillows/Pet Beds

Not convinced?  I recently did a mini-make-over in my own master bedroom.  I had a daybed from West Elm, which I had bought for the sitting room at our last house.  In this house, I placed it in the bedroom but wanted to put it up against the wall under the TV and have it be more of a reading, lounging sofa, but still be used as a “mommmm I’m sick/had a bad dream” emergency bed.  Throw pillows are fine… but for real comfort you need an actual proper padded back.  I looked into sewing and DIY-ing something -until I was browsing a HomeSense store (also known as HomeGoods depending on where you live) and it hit me: DOG BEDS!!!  The right size and cheaper than anything I could make.  Not to mention, available in all sorts of cute prints and colors.

dog bed throw pillows on day bed


Are you sold?  Would you use a dog bed as a throw pillow? Let me know what you think!

UPDATE: Full reveal of my master bedroom mini-makeover HERE!


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