make sugar syrup for your summer drinks -in an instant!

“no cooking required!”


I love ice coffee and my kids enjoy fresh squeezed homemade lemonade, especially on hot summer afternoons.  What I loathe is how the sugar doesn’t fully dissolve because the coffee, lemonade or insert- drink-of-choice-here is cold and so the sugar just swims around at the bottom of my glass!


Recently, out of frustration I did a little experiment and came up with a quick, easy and best of all no cooking, solution! I call it Sugar Syrup, but really it’s more like sugar water because it doesn’t have the consistency of syrup at all.

Now I can make perfectly sweetened cold drinks, like the pros do!  And the best part -no more avoiding that pool of undissolved sugar lurking at the bottom!!

ice coffee red flip flops

In a large measuring cup pour in about 3/4 cups of granulated white sugar.  In your kettle bring some water to a boil, then pour about 1 1/2 cups of water over top.  Mix with a spoon or fork for a few seconds until it dissolves.  Pour the Sugar Syrup into a vinegar or oil dispensing type of bottle and store in the fridge. Done!

*you can also try adding a dash of vanilla or cinnamon!

*Keep in mind that one teaspoon of Sugar Syrup is way sweeter than one teaspoon of regular granulated sugar!


I’m not certain for how long the sugar syrup keeps.  But I guess, to be on the safe side dispose of it after about 3 weeks.  I only make small batches of it at a time anyways… after-all it’s so easy and cheap to make: I usually whip it up at the same time as making myself a cup of tea!


sugar syrup

Try sugar syrup in hot beverages too for easy sweetening with little to, no stirring!

ICE COFFEE TIP: Whatever coffee is leftover in that mornings coffee pot pour it into a pitcher, and store in the fridge.  This is way, cold coffee will be available and ready for when the craving strikes and your ice coffee won’t get watered down by melted ice!  Add coffee to the pitcher every morning, but be sure to dump whatever is left after 5 days or so, wash out the pitcher, and then start over.





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