Why not add some real to the fake?


I know, I know.  Fake flowers are regarded as atrocious and gaudy -and for the most part I agree.  BUT, last spring, just before Easter, I posted about these Fake Forsythia spring containers I came up with (you can read more about them HERE).

FAKE spring containers!

Spring 2012 containers

This year I did the same thing, except when the warmer weather came around, I didn’t take them out when I added my real flowers.


I figured, why not leave them?  The bold color mix is great since my home is kind of far from the street, they really pop!  Of course in another couple of weeks when the real flowers grow bigger and fuller I will remove them …until then I’m happy to fake it!

spring containers

Spring 2013 containers

spring flower containers

How about you?  Have you ever faked it? :-)


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