Metal wall art: how to make the BAD look GOOD.

Recently I gave my master bedroom a mini makeover, you can read more on that HERE.

The moment I introduced the two new white dressers on either side of the daybed I knew that the dark console table (leading to the master bath) and it’s vignette had to go!


am I right?

With my two existing night tables and now the new dressers, it just seemed like table-surface overload!  Plus, the decor suddenly clashed and seemed SO outdated.  I actually hesitated even mentioning this, because lately it has been pinning like crazy …still, totally not the direction I was going in anymore.  The abstract art (made by me) and table bought at Target are up for sale right now.

SO OUT IT WENT.  All of it.  I decided I would rather fill that wall up with a piece of art, but wasn’t feeling the vibe for framed photos or a canvas if it was going to be all alone.  There is also a (white) plug and a light switch on that wall (you can’t see it in the photos) which means anything square or rectangular would just play that up (am I the only one who sees this as visually irritating?).

ORGANIC ART. It would have to be!  Something shapely, like a metal wall sculpture.  You see them pretty much everywhere now, from your neighbors house to the doctor’s office.

BAD. photo via $69.99

Tree Metal Wall Art

BAD. via Sears $89.99

TO BE HONEST. I kind of hate them.  Typically, I don’t really like mass produced art, it doesn’t mean I don’t have any!!  But, I try my best not to buy it.   There is so much great art out there that just doesn’t compare to the ‘made in china’ stuff at all.

GOOD. photo via


GOOD. Photo via

GOOD. via Atlanta House and Home

HOWEVER.  Because I live in the real world where I do have limited funds (and so do my clients!), sometimes you just gotta get creative and work within your budget.  But I never give in to the ‘BAD’ or the ugly!  Just because you don’t have the cash doesn’t mean you can’t have a unique piece of art!

THE THING IS.  You’ll notice that the ”GOOD’ metal wall art is large with a real presence in its space.  Hard to get that with the flimsy little pieces you see at your local home store!

Fetco Home Decor Brinley Wall Art

BAD.  But could be very GOOD if you had several hung all together.  Via $35

HERE’S A THOUGHT.  Although tacky alone, imagine several of these ‘BAD’ pieces in a cluster hung closely together, to appear as one larger piece?!  (do you see it?).  Or imagine an entire wall covered -like 3d wallpaper.  So cool.  You could even spray paint them a different color!!  It may not be entirely custom art …but it would qualify as one of a kind, right?

Fetco Home Decor Ruth Abstract Circles Wall Art

BAD, but could be GOOD with three hung tightly together.  via $21.49

NOT CONVINCED?  Check out (below) my new wall installation in place of where that outdated console and vignette once was. I was lucky to find two medium sized pieces that were similar (not identical) and on clearance at HomeSense/HomeGoods!  Not sure if I will spray paint them or not.  Right now I am simply enjoying the feeling of that small (yet significant) change.  What are you’re thoughts?


BEFORE.  Cluttered and outdated.

Do you like the BEFORE or AFTER better?


AFTER.  Modern and airy.





Check back soon for more updates.  Actually, why don’t you just follow me on Facebook ?! I don’t just post blog updates but design inspirations too!

SHOW OFF.  Have you got a special metal art piece on your wall that you are loving and convinced it falls into the ‘GOOD’ category? I WANNA SEE IT!! Take a pic and post it on on my FB wall!



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