Trash to treasure summer wreath!


“summery-sweet (and cheap) wreath”

A few days ago I realized I still had my spring wreath up on my front door.  Honestly, I wasn’t feeling crafty and had zero desire to shop for a new one.  I dragged myself into the basement storage room to see if there was anything fabulous down there that I might have forgotten about.  All I came back upstairs with was a bleached out frayed garland that I had used a few seasons ago to spruce up an existing wreath.  I threw it over by the front door where I planned to drop it into the trash can on my way out when I stopped to admire the round shaped it had fallen into.  I twisted the ends together and I had an instant shabby-chic-vintagy-delicate-little-summer-wreath!

lavender and cream summer wreath

I jammed a couple of fake lavender flowers I had laying around for an extra pop of color.  Done and done. I usually go for big, fat, bold wreaths.  But I like this soft delicate little creation.

summer wreath using a garland

cream flowers summer wreath vintage inspired

Why not deconstruct an existing wreath for parts or turn a garland into your own custom DIY-in-a-minute wreath?


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