spruce up the old laundry basket


Spray Paint Strikes Again at The Oui Household

I’ve had this laundry basket for well over 15 years.  I bought it before this style became popular, inexpensive and available in just about every single department store known to man (yeah, that’s code for I paid a lot).  Recently I noticed that the chrome finish was getting splotchy and rusty.  Yuck.

rusty chrome metal laundry basket

It’s no secret that I am obsessed I like spray paint (FYI, yes you can spray paint your Christmas tree! more on that here). So rather than buy a new laundry bin or a can of silver-chrome spray paint -which I knew would require several coats to hide the rust and not really turn out as “chrome-y” and shiny as the real deal, I thought; Why not spray paint it a different color?

Krylon Gold Spray paint

Since I’m digging gold these days (more on that here) and I had a can of gold spray hanging around the house (who doesn’t am I right? LOL).  I went for it:

gold spray painted laundry basket

While the cotton lining was being washed with a little bleach and soap (something I do every couple of months) I decided to give the entire  thing (including the black plastic casters) two light coats of gold spray paint.  Nope, I did not use primer, or do any fancy prep work.  It was so easy to do and because the weather was perfect (no humidity, not too hot, a nice breeze).  It was dry and ready to use before the cotton lining was out of the dryer!  No joke.

spray painted laundry basket

gold painted metal laundry basket

gold metal laundry basket

What are you itching to spruce up with spray paint?


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