not child’s play: 7000 piece LEGO chandelier

Mind.  Blown.


Maybe it’s because I have kids, and my two sons spent a better part of their lives creating, obsessing and building LEGOS but I have a super fascination with these plastic blocs.


Tobias Tostesen is the industrial designer (and creative wiz!) behind this LEGO chandelier. It all started for an exhibition called The Tube by the Kolding School of Design where each designer got paired with a manufacturer.  Lucky Tobias got The LEGO Group!  His second exhibition was at the Il Salone in Milan for design week 2013 where he made quite an impression.


Although it might be hard to tell from the picture it’s size is huge (floor to ceiling).  According his web site the fixture is supposed to capture “and reflecting the dynamic lumiosity and colors of the day“.





LEGO is something that really takes you back in time, but somehow still allures you as an adult. Its essentiality is timeless because of its simple building principle and the human urge to create. How do you add new feelings to a brand as strong as LEGO?”  via Tobia Tostesen’s web site

Yeah. True that.


I personally have added him to my list of designer’s I’d love to have a drink with -or maybe in this case, drag out the four huge storage bins of LEGO’s I have stored in the basement and have an all out building competition! ;-)

*all photo’s were taken by Photographer: Gert Skærlund Andersen via and

check back soon for more inspirations!


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