My Master Bathroom: Modern & Budget Friendly

My master bathroom; Although the charcoal subway tile, dark cabinetry, square sinks and tub feel more masculine they are nicely balanced with delicate glass door knobs, foggy-rain color paint (custom designed by me), a crystal bubble chandelier (for more info on that click HERE) and a watery color dupioni silk window treatment (which hides the much needed window shade!).

Like most people when designing my master bath, my wants didn’t match my budget!  Still, there were some key elements I knew I had to have.  A walk in glass-less shower (think; easy-to-clean), double vanities, decent storage, and a large window!  Bathroom fans might work well, but nothing beats an open window to properly ventilate and get rid of humidity (and natural light is also perfect for applying make-up!).  For more on that bubble chandelier show above click HERE.

No one will dispute that subway tiles are classic. In my master bathroom the over sized charcoal version with pale grout feels more modern. The frosted pocket door is perfect for this narrow room, it doesn’t get in the way and keeps the room feeling open.

Master bathrooms are definitely more stressful to decorate then their counterpart; the master bedroom.  Picking out the wrong duvet or lamp is not the end of the world but the wrong tiles, fixtures and cabinetry can be a pricey and permanent mistake.

Here are three basic things to consider when planning your bathroom design:

Paint It.  When painting small rooms like bathrooms or walk-in closets, I generally like to paint the ceiling the same color.  It makes the room feel less chopped up, tricks the eye into thinking the ceiling is a little higher and makes the overall space feel more open.

Don’t Decorate.  Keep the palette gender neutral since this space is likely to be shared and of course always consider re-sale.  Baby blue cabinets may go with your beach theme but one day it could drive buyers away.   Adding a blue soap dispenser and other accessories however can be a great way to inject your favourite color into the room.

I’ve always thought bathrooms in general should be clean looking and not “decorated”.  Instead, why not use every-day essentials displayed in an interesting way?  This is how boutique hotels and spa’s make their spaces feel clean and high end.  Items like rolled towels, jars of bath salts, lush tropical plants or even a pretty decanter for mouthwash are simple low cost examples anyone can replicate at home.

Put It Away:  Toothbrushes, wrinkle creams, floss, razors and flat irons -no one needs to see all of that, not even you!  Take a couple of hours on a rainy weekend and clean out under your sink.  Next, buy a few inexpensive, easy to wash plastic bins and baskets.  Make yourself a system with a bin for hair stuff, another for mani/pedi products and so on.  When there is a place for everything, it takes 20 seconds to plop your deodorant, mascara and hair mousse away, not to mention easier to find and take out every morning!

Also published on Bob Vila Nation September 28, 2012

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