Master Bedroom Retreat

I’ve blogged about my master bedroom before (you can find that post HERE).  But I never mentioned anything about the large recessed wall across from the bed.  There was a television, complete with visible ugly wires and a small audio stand housing our digital video recorder (DVR).  Blah.


Several months ago we ditched the satellite dish for a tiny Apple TV unit (it sits just on top of the television), which meant “ba-bye” to the DVR and the awkward audio stand.  The hubs got to work opening a section of the wall and did a little electrical work to hide all the wires  Then he repaired the wall, mudded and sanded and I finished up with a coat of primer and two coats of leftover bedroom paint.  I must say we did a pretty good job -you can’t even tell!


Now we were left with a clean, empty slate.  At first I had visions of something custom built like bookcases or shelving.  But you always have to think about resale and if/when we sell this house, built-ins would mean one huge wall lost for bedroom furniture pieces like dressers or a vanity (we prefer storing all our clothes in our his and her walk-in closets).


With our kids getting older and taking over more of our home’s entertaining spaces for themselves and their friends, I wanted to create a quite, lounging, retreat feeling in our bedroom.  I decided to incorporate the existing day bed we already had and buy cabinets to place on either end so I could have a surface where I could put a small coffee pot and sparkling water (boutique hotel inspired much?!).  The cabinets were tricky to find because I needed a specific size for a snug, custom-like fit between the (recessed) wall and the daybed. After several months I did find two identical cabinets in the perfect size that needed a little DIY! (you can read all about that HERE).


The accessories however were fun to shop for, and I was definitely looking to inject some touches of silver and gold for a little glamour like the gorgeous antique crystal and silver pitcher – it weighs a ton and I am in serious love with it!  Or the cute lamp with gold sequins shade I picked up at HomenSense/HomeGoods.  As well as a couple of hits of coral pink, like the stunning vintage vase I scored and the cashmere blanket I already had (from my mom) tucked away in the back of my linen closet.




The three round abstract art pieces were a made by me, to find out more on the art DIY click HERE.  The art resting near the coffee maker is an original by a talented friend Susan B. Landis, you can browse her work and get more info on her blog HERE.






I did a lot of shopping in my own house, which I always try and do first before going out and spending.  Not only does it save money but by moving things around to different rooms in your home, you get to enjoy your stuff in a new way.

The mask on the floor is from a vacation to Mexico and I plan on hanging it eventually but it is SUPER HEAVY and definitely a two person, with power tools, kind of job.  Although I am starting to like it resting there on the floor!  The stainless tray and coffee pot is by Everyday Essential from Loblaws.  The container that the plant is in is actually a storage basket I picked up at HomeSense/HomeGood


All of the throw pillows I already had (some made by me, others purchased) except for the two large back pillows which are in fact, dog beds! You can read all about that HERE as well as the sparkly sequins teal pillow or as I like to call it The Tube Dress Throw Pillow Skirt (you can read about that HERE).



vignette: decorating master bedroom

More to come soon …thanks for stopping by!


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Why not spruce up your sofa with Dog Beds?!

“watch out pooch, dog beds are not just for the dogs!”

dog bed pillows

Even if you don’t have a four legged best friend, you have to admit that there are some cute dog beds popping up these days at places like Target and even Costco.  They come in a variety of fabrics and patterns and are very reasonably priced considering the massive size of the “throw pillow”.  That’s right, when you really stop to think about it, a dog bed is nothing but a huge throw pillow.  Which got me thinking… for those with a daybed or who have an old sofa that needs a little oomph, why not add/replace the large back pillows with large dog beds?!  An easy, super budget friendly solution!

Dog Bed Throw Pillows/Pet Beds

Not convinced?  I recently did a mini-make-over in my own master bedroom.  I had a daybed from West Elm, which I had bought for the sitting room at our last house.  In this house, I placed it in the bedroom but wanted to put it up against the wall under the TV and have it be more of a reading, lounging sofa, but still be used as a “mommmm I’m sick/had a bad dream” emergency bed.  Throw pillows are fine… but for real comfort you need an actual proper padded back.  I looked into sewing and DIY-ing something -until I was browsing a HomeSense store (also known as HomeGoods depending on where you live) and it hit me: DOG BEDS!!!  The right size and cheaper than anything I could make.  Not to mention, available in all sorts of cute prints and colors.

dog bed throw pillows on day bed


Are you sold?  Would you use a dog bed as a throw pillow? Let me know what you think!

UPDATE: Full reveal of my master bedroom mini-makeover HERE!


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