from the heart Valentine gifting for kids & teens!

Valentine's Day: breakfast nook

tiered cupcake holder from HomeGoods

As the kids get older, it becomes more difficult to make Valentine’s day special (especially when your two oldest are teenage boys!).  Still, no matter how old (or cool) they get I know I can show my crew how much I love them by baking up some sweet treats!  This year chocolate cupcakes with cherry flavoured icing will greet them when they get home from school.

valentine cupcake

JELLO icing: 1 1/2 cups of whipping cream, 1 pack of (cherry) jello, about 2 cups of icing sugar. With hand held blender whip until set & fluffy! 

I have never been a big fan of spending on a lot on gifts for my kids on VD.  I feel like, aside from the usual birthday and Christmas kids get stuff all year long, all of the time -am I right?  New clothes, shoes, movies, McDonald’s, amusement parks, craft supplies, ice cream …it never ends.

valentine's day gifts

keeping it simple …and silly!

Still, I will usually gift them some Valentine’s chocolates (this year I purchased a little less candy and opted for pop tarts – I never, ever buy them, so they will probably devour that before anything else! – and I usually also purchase a small little item, like a book or a month’s worth of mints or gum to keep in their lockers for fresh breath at school!  For little kids think; pack of small toy animals, a new headband or colouring book.

valentine gifts girl

For the girl who wants to be a veterinarian : I scored the vintage horse first aid book for $0.50!

More importantly though I think, something from the heart is really what Valentine’s Day is all about. Everyone, no matter the age wants to know they are loved and to hear something positive about themselves.  You don’t have to buy a card …get out a pen and piece of paper or hop on the laptop and print out a little something thoughtful about each child to slip it in with their Valentine’s treat!

valentines day teens

valentine's day : teens

Our dog KAYA: siberian husky valentine photo collageIn addition this year I managed to take some pictures of our dog Kaya  (she has a weird fear-hate with the camera so it’s almost impossible to ever actually get a photo of her looking straight on) and I made a funny little collage of them using PIXLR express (Efficient)  I put it on Facebook and tagged them as a surprise (…I know, I know… but when it comes to their dog, it’s perfectly OK!  Public messages from me or any other photos of course are an absolute no-no!)

silly valentine

 Happy Valentines Day!


WHY NOT WEDNESDAY : January blah fix for a buck!

“candles, candy, coffee beans, crystals and a dash of salt!”

It’s January.  The holiday decorations are put away, the planning and entertaining has been replaced by daily routines and many of us are trying to get back on a budget in order pay down that credit card before spring.  Blah.

Still, it’s nice to treat yourself and your space to a little something new.  With the lose change floating around at the bottom of your purse and a few items you may already have around the house, you can create a cute custom candle or two!

Valentine candy candle

Pretty Edible: This tarnished silver crystal bowl was $1 (check out those second hand shops people!).  The small vanilla scented candle ($1) and bag of valentine heart candies (also for $1) were both purchased at the Dollarama.

candle and valentine candy

Coffee candle

Wedding Leftovers & Coffee Beans: Dig out one of those centrepiece vases you were lucky enough to bring home from the last wedding you attended (sarcasm alert!) or pick up something new (the round glass vase pictured, was only $1).  Browse your collection of candles (or treat yourself to a new one).  Add a couple of scoops of whole coffee beans to your vase (about $1 worth, from a bag that cost me about $6) for an adorable, not to mention great smelling, candle -perfect for the kitchen!

Coffee candle


Q. What is that?
A. Chandelier crystals, duh!


crystal candle

Bling It: Who doesn’t have a pile of antique chandelier crystals hanging around am I right? OK, well I had some sitting in a closet …and one day I just thought; “hey my crystals might be cute in this candle holder with the woodsy smelling candle I scored for a couple of bucks!“.  It is, and I love it! (candle from Michael’s arts and crafts store).

crystals candle

crystal candle

Faux Snow: Here (below) is an idea that comes in way under a buck.  A pretty glass from your pantry, some coarse sea salt and a tea candle = a sweet winter theme candle!

coarse salt candle

The 101: Why spend a lot on something you are literally going to set on fire!!?

sea salt candle

Q. What is ‘CINQ‘?
A. It’s French for ‘FIVE

sea salt sandle