DIY canvas photo peg board

“Push pins work pretty good on painted canvas”

What’s a home bar without some great photos of friends… old memories you can recount and toast to?  For some reason when I walked into Le Carrefour De L’espoir (second hand shop) and saw this original (yet, let’s be honest, ugly) art piece, I knew immediately it’s second life would be as a peg board for our basement bar.

ugly art turned DIY PEG BOARD!

Something about the frame looked 70’s ish with its slightly yellowed fabric (think, smoky cigar lounge) but the faded black and gold accent frame seemed right on.  I snapped it up for $20.  Maybe it was a little pricey (considering), but I really had been looking for a long time, and I knew I wanted something “authentic” vintage and not new “made-in-China” from some retail chain.

TIP: “every room in your home should have a thing or two that is old, unique or eclectic”

unique vintage diy photo peg board

With a paint brush and a tube of black chalk board paint I painted over it.  I know I know, you’re thinking: “huh?”  First, I knew I wanted to paint it black and already had this stuff laying around the house.   Second, the painting was done in oil and already textury (OK, that is not a real word but you get me).  So painting it with a small brush instead of a roller to help even out and add even more texture seemed like a good idea.  Third, I knew most of it would be covered by photos anyways so I thought “who cares!?”.

diy vintage photo peg board how-tougly vintage art turned photo board

More bar pics to come soon! Thanks for checking inJulie

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WHY NOT WEDNESDAYS: fake a chalkboard

“I want a temporary chalkboard”

If you like the idea of making a chalkboard but don’t have the time or aren’t very crafty, here is an easy 30 second solution:

What you need:
(if you have kids, chances are you have this stuff around the house)

  • 1 sheet of construction/craft paper.  Usually comes in a multi-colour pack, can be purchased at craft, office and dollar stores)
  •  A picture frame or framed art, measuring 8 x 10 (or smaller)
  •   Writing chalk

5 seconds: Tear out a sheet of black (or any colour really) craft/construction paper. 15 seconds: Write something clever, silly or meaningful using your chalk.  10 seconds: Slip/shimmy/slide the craft paper on top of the frame (where the frame meets the glass OR where the frame meets the canvas art piece).

Times up: YOU ARE DONE! yeah.

BEFORE: framed art

BEFORE: framed art

THE TRANSFORMATION: slip craft paper on top of art, between frame and art

THE TRANSFORMATION: gently slip craft paper on top of art, between frame and art piece. If your frame is smaller than the craft paper, cut or fold to size.

AFTER: The instant (ok, 30 second) chalkboard is complete!

AFTER: The instant (ok, 30 second) chalkboard is complete!

*Curious about who “THE OUI’s” are?  Click here for the deets!

A welcoming message by the front entry!

A welcoming message by the front entry!