why not transform fall centerpieces into mini outdoor light wreaths?


“so stupid-easy,
you’ll be too embarrassed to not claim this idea as your own!”

Next time you’re out doing errands pop in to a craft store, dollar shop or browse the seasonal section of your local home store.  You should be able to find fall inspired centrepieces similar to the ones I picked up recently for $1.25 each (see photo).  Think about how many outdoor house lights you have (or wish to decorate) and buy a centrepiece for each one.

Fall DIY leaf mini wreath from centerpiece

Now for the most complicated part of this project (insert sarcasm here), using a pair of regular old scissors, make one cut in the middle ring where the candle or vase would go.  That’s it.  Slip it onto your outdoor light fixture for cute and simple fall decor!

outdoor mini light wreath

mini wreath outdoor FALL DIY

front of my house Oct 2013

outdoor house lights decorate seasonal

Don’t you just love easy?


P.S. My outdoor light fixtures were purchased at Canadian Tire, you can find them HERE.

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