Why not vandalize your furniture?


P.S. your kids (and their friends) will think you’re cool!

Why not graffiti an old dresser?  This is a question I recently asked myself.  It all started when I began sprucing up our Guest-Game Room, more on that here.  When shopping for a piece of furniture to house the Television and game console I checked out home decor boutiques, new furniture stores, antique and also second hand shops.  When I spotted this piece at Carrefour de l’espoir, I immediately fell for it.

vintage dresser TLC

$50, solid wood, in good condition and it had interesting architecture (in a plain square room, I didn’t want a plain, flat piece of furniture).  The only problem was that it had spotted yellow areas, probably from sitting in direct sunlight for a few decades and was a little too feminine.  However I knew a bold paint color could change the whole feel of that piece -but what color?

vintage white dresser

That’s when it hit me: a bunch of colors: Graffiti!! (more on that inspiration here) Since this room serves mainly as the kids game and toy storage I figured this would be the perfect time to try out this cool idea!

Once I had my spray paint and an a printed copy of my inspiration piece in hand I was ready to start .  My oldest and I hauled the piece outside and I began with removing the hardware and cleaning it up with an old rag and a few spritz of all purpose cleaner, then wiped it down again with a damp rag and let it air dry.  And just like working with a clean blank canvas, I gave the entire piece a couple of coats of white spray paint.

graffiti dresser DIY

Next I picked up a random color and started to vandalize my furniture.  At first it was weird and I felt awkward.  After I while though I became more relaxed and realized I needed to be right up close to the furniture …drips and runs are part of the charm!

DIY graffiti dresser HOW TO

My sons also suggested I not only zig zag random paint but try and write stuff, to give it a more realistic ‘tagging’ look.

graffiti dresser DIY spray paint

Once I was done.  I didn’t know what to do with the hardware.  I considered buying new ones but figured for now, I would save the cash and spray paint those too!

spray paint hadware

But it was only when I was ready to put the hardware back on the dresser that my daughter suggested I mix them all up -LOVE IT!

graffiti heart

graffiti DIY dresser

graffiti dresser with multi color hardware

Here it is (below) – complete and sitting pretty in the Guest-Game Room!  What do you think?  Would you ever consider vandalizing a piece of furniture in your own home?

graffiti dresser

GameGuestRoom3For more details on the Guest-Game Room Makeover room click here!

Thanks for popping by!


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The $100 Chalkboard & Graffiti Guest-Game Room Makeover

Many of us who are lucky enough to have a spare room in our home are often faced with the same dilemma: How to decorate it!  The reason this can be so tough is because these rooms can serve a multitude of functions:  From guest room, office or play room to junk room, overflow storage, exercise or hobby room.

Game Room / Guest Room BEFORE

BEFORE : Guest-Game-Where-Furniture-Comes-To-Die-Room

Yup.  Me too.  This (pictured above) is a room that is supposed to be a Game Room for my kids and Guest Bedroom for when they have either a friend sleepover or I have out of town guests come visit.  When we had the house built I didn’t put too much thought into the room except to paint it out a very white-blue color:  I wanted something light and bright since the room is located in the basement.  Other than that, the room is a mis-mash of furniture and accessories that didn’t work in other parts of the house.

Over a year ago it stopped becoming the Game Room because the old television we had in there broke and so the kids moved their gaming stuff to the big screen TV in our family room.  At first I didn’t really mind, but these last few months my teenage sons and their friends have been steadily taking over, to a point where I realized my daughter, husband and I were barely ever using our family room.  It was time to reclaim our space and put the defunct Guest/Game Room to work again!

AFTER Guest/Game Room

AFTER: Guest/Game Room

I blogged recently about some really inspiring chalkboard walls and my secret love of graffiti inspired home decor.  I decided this would be a great room to merge these two together!   I know what you’re thinking, that a room like this may not appeal to my er … um … older overnight guests.  But honestly, my kids and their friends will be using this room 95% of the time, so I think it’s more important for it to be fun hangout spot than to appeal to my old pals.  Plus, even though I personally wouldn’t want this look for my master bedroom, I would be totally fine staying here as a guest.  No guest room is ever perfect but I don’t think guests can complain too much when they have their very own bedroom with a door that locks, a walk-in closet and a full bathroom!


For more details on the DIY graffiti dresser click here!






THE LOWDOWN: I spent about $100 !

  • $50 used dresser
  • $20 can of black chalk board paint
  • $5 brush, roller and paint tray from the dollar store
  • FREE: almost new TV (from a family friend)
  • $1 chalk
  • $5 house plant
  • $20 three cans of spray paint (I already had some cans of paint)
  • STUFF I ALREADY HAD: clock, sofa-bed, funky handmade bowl to store chalk, throw pillows, blankets, vintage Goodform chair and X-Box.

I love how the TV seems to disappear into the black chalkboard wall (when it’s off).  Plants are my must-have home accessory, they add life, texture and softness for very little money.  For more details about the solid wood dresser I scored for $50 and how I went about ‘graffiti-ing’ it click here.  The leatherette bench-sofa turns into a double bed in a instant and has storage underneath to hide sheets, blankets and pillows!.

Check back soon for more DIY deets!

*This room was featured by Country Living Magazine  in their  ‘10 Ways To Turn An Empty Nest Into A Fulfilling Space‘  article / May 2014.


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IKEA-Dresser/Catalogue 2014

Ikea / 2014 Catalogue

I’ve been itching to try this somewhere in my home -but where?  And how do u integrate graffiti walls or furniture without looking like your home was vandalized while you were on vacation?!   Well, I think I figured it out.  Last week I was pretty busy… stay tuned for my latest DIY!


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