Why not vandalize your furniture?


P.S. your kids (and their friends) will think you’re cool!

Why not graffiti an old dresser?  This is a question I recently asked myself.  It all started when I began sprucing up our Guest-Game Room, more on that here.  When shopping for a piece of furniture to house the Television and game console I checked out home decor boutiques, new furniture stores, antique and also second hand shops.  When I spotted this piece at Carrefour de l’espoir, I immediately fell for it.

vintage dresser TLC

$50, solid wood, in good condition and it had interesting architecture (in a plain square room, I didn’t want a plain, flat piece of furniture).  The only problem was that it had spotted yellow areas, probably from sitting in direct sunlight for a few decades and was a little too feminine.  However I knew a bold paint color could change the whole feel of that piece -but what color?

vintage white dresser

That’s when it hit me: a bunch of colors: Graffiti!! (more on that inspiration here) Since this room serves mainly as the kids game and toy storage I figured this would be the perfect time to try out this cool idea!

Once I had my spray paint and an a printed copy of my inspiration piece in hand I was ready to start .  My oldest and I hauled the piece outside and I began with removing the hardware and cleaning it up with an old rag and a few spritz of all purpose cleaner, then wiped it down again with a damp rag and let it air dry.  And just like working with a clean blank canvas, I gave the entire piece a couple of coats of white spray paint.

graffiti dresser DIY

Next I picked up a random color and started to vandalize my furniture.  At first it was weird and I felt awkward.  After I while though I became more relaxed and realized I needed to be right up close to the furniture …drips and runs are part of the charm!

DIY graffiti dresser HOW TO

My sons also suggested I not only zig zag random paint but try and write stuff, to give it a more realistic ‘tagging’ look.

graffiti dresser DIY spray paint

Once I was done.  I didn’t know what to do with the hardware.  I considered buying new ones but figured for now, I would save the cash and spray paint those too!

spray paint hadware

But it was only when I was ready to put the hardware back on the dresser that my daughter suggested I mix them all up -LOVE IT!

graffiti heart

graffiti DIY dresser

graffiti dresser with multi color hardware

Here it is (below) – complete and sitting pretty in the Guest-Game Room!  What do you think?  Would you ever consider vandalizing a piece of furniture in your own home?

graffiti dresser

GameGuestRoom3For more details on the Guest-Game Room Makeover room click here!

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