Finally; My Burlap Curtains

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These curtains were the first projects I tackled after moving in (summer 2010).  I made them for both rooms at the front of the house; the dinning room and the study.  I am happy with how they turned out, plus they were inexpensive and easy to make!

Burlap curtains gromets

Balance is important to me when decorating my home.  I love beautiful, luxurious items but I also don’t want my home to feel stuffy and cold.  The burlap is a nice surprise and I like how it helps to make both spaces feel connected and inviting.

burlap curtains dining room

Burlap curtains


  • Sewer or not -anyone can make these curtains.  First thing you need to know is that not all burlap is the same.  Some are way more rustic “wrap the trees for winter” kind and others are thicker and can come in a variety of colors. I went to a couple of fabric stores before finding the right one.  The good news is even at full price -it makes for a very affordable fabric to make window treatments from!  I also purchased grommets -which come in a variety of finishes and shapes!
  • All I did was hem the top on my sewing machine (of course this could be done by hand or by hot iron with no sew tape) and made sure I spaced out my grommets evenly before popping them in as per instructions on the back of the packaging.
  • Next, I hung up the curtain on the curtain rod (which I had already installed) and pinned the hem where I wanted it.  I didn’t want them to puddle on the floor, but just graze it.  I gave the bottom a substantial wide hem -so that it would be heavy and weigh the fabric down since burlap tends to be unruly.
  • I chose not to finish the sides at all leaving them as is; They were a perfect width plus I liked the way the fabric was already finished by the manufacturer with a white and yellow thread already running along the side to prevent fraying.

close up burlap curtains hem

Dinning Room: Stainless Steel Shelves & Burlap Curtains

For those not interested in DIY : enquire about having drapery panels made by asking your dry cleaner or a fabric shop (many people who work there do sewing work as a sideline).  Etsy is also a good places to try and find ready made ones.

The Study

As seen on , ’18 Clever Window Treatments Under $18

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