8 artful ideas for your laundry room

We don’t often put too much thought into beautifying these busy spaces but regardless of whether your washing machine and dryer are tucked away in a small nook or large mudroom it’s a spot we have no choice but to spend time in!  Why not add a little eye candy?   Here are a few artful ideas which are sure to add a little character to your laundry area.



3. FUN



Hot glue and some bright red clothespin can transform a frame-less photo (or even a mirror!) into a focal point.  Laundry/Work room via Laundry Room Redesign

via The Cranky Queen

Get creative with clip art and a photo of your pet! via The Cranky Queen

via Feathers & Sunshine

For details on how to DIY this sign visit Feathers & Sunshine


If you’re into fashion how about requesting a high resolution photo of one of Sandra Backlund’s clothespin dresses?  (email : Office@1BeyoStudio.Se) – slip the pic into a frame and you have instant modern -and pretty cool, art!

5. 6. & 7. OFF THE WALL

Because art doesn’t have to hang on walls, how about putting wall decals right on your washer and dryer, buying a bright area rug or making your own DIY clothespin chandelier?


Often small rooms (like laundry rooms!) are the safest place to experiment and try something bold like a busy wallpaper!  Don’t have any wall space? -how about the ceiling?

Can’t commit to pricey wallpaper? Check out what Kristin over at the Hunted Interior did in her very recent laundry nook makeover: she lined the back of a shelving unit with dragon fly wrapping paper -so easy and inexpensive!  Cute-cute!

What’s hangin’ in your laundry room?  Feel free to share your comments below!

Pssst – looking for legitimate FREE art? click HERE.

*a version of this post was published on BOB VILA NATION, click here to view!


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Why not vandalize your furniture?


P.S. your kids (and their friends) will think you’re cool!

Why not graffiti an old dresser?  This is a question I recently asked myself.  It all started when I began sprucing up our Guest-Game Room, more on that here.  When shopping for a piece of furniture to house the Television and game console I checked out home decor boutiques, new furniture stores, antique and also second hand shops.  When I spotted this piece at Carrefour de l’espoir, I immediately fell for it.

vintage dresser TLC

$50, solid wood, in good condition and it had interesting architecture (in a plain square room, I didn’t want a plain, flat piece of furniture).  The only problem was that it had spotted yellow areas, probably from sitting in direct sunlight for a few decades and was a little too feminine.  However I knew a bold paint color could change the whole feel of that piece -but what color?

vintage white dresser

That’s when it hit me: a bunch of colors: Graffiti!! (more on that inspiration here) Since this room serves mainly as the kids game and toy storage I figured this would be the perfect time to try out this cool idea!

Once I had my spray paint and an a printed copy of my inspiration piece in hand I was ready to start .  My oldest and I hauled the piece outside and I began with removing the hardware and cleaning it up with an old rag and a few spritz of all purpose cleaner, then wiped it down again with a damp rag and let it air dry.  And just like working with a clean blank canvas, I gave the entire piece a couple of coats of white spray paint.

graffiti dresser DIY

Next I picked up a random color and started to vandalize my furniture.  At first it was weird and I felt awkward.  After I while though I became more relaxed and realized I needed to be right up close to the furniture …drips and runs are part of the charm!

DIY graffiti dresser HOW TO

My sons also suggested I not only zig zag random paint but try and write stuff, to give it a more realistic ‘tagging’ look.

graffiti dresser DIY spray paint

Once I was done.  I didn’t know what to do with the hardware.  I considered buying new ones but figured for now, I would save the cash and spray paint those too!

spray paint hadware

But it was only when I was ready to put the hardware back on the dresser that my daughter suggested I mix them all up -LOVE IT!

graffiti heart

graffiti DIY dresser

graffiti dresser with multi color hardware

Here it is (below) – complete and sitting pretty in the Guest-Game Room!  What do you think?  Would you ever consider vandalizing a piece of furniture in your own home?

graffiti dresser

GameGuestRoom3For more details on the Guest-Game Room Makeover room click here!

Thanks for popping by!


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Metal wall art: how to make the BAD look GOOD.

Recently I gave my master bedroom a mini makeover, you can read more on that HERE.

The moment I introduced the two new white dressers on either side of the daybed I knew that the dark console table (leading to the master bath) and it’s vignette had to go!


am I right?

With my two existing night tables and now the new dressers, it just seemed like table-surface overload!  Plus, the decor suddenly clashed and seemed SO outdated.  I actually hesitated even mentioning this, because lately it has been pinning like crazy …still, totally not the direction I was going in anymore.  The abstract art (made by me) and table bought at Target are up for sale right now.

SO OUT IT WENT.  All of it.  I decided I would rather fill that wall up with a piece of art, but wasn’t feeling the vibe for framed photos or a canvas if it was going to be all alone.  There is also a (white) plug and a light switch on that wall (you can’t see it in the photos) which means anything square or rectangular would just play that up (am I the only one who sees this as visually irritating?).

ORGANIC ART. It would have to be!  Something shapely, like a metal wall sculpture.  You see them pretty much everywhere now, from your neighbors house to the doctor’s office.

BAD. photo via TouchofClass.com $69.99

Tree Metal Wall Art

BAD. via Sears $89.99

TO BE HONEST. I kind of hate them.  Typically, I don’t really like mass produced art, it doesn’t mean I don’t have any!!  But, I try my best not to buy it.   There is so much great art out there that just doesn’t compare to the ‘made in china’ stuff at all.

GOOD. photo via decoist.com


GOOD. Photo via Decoist.com

GOOD. via Atlanta House and Home

HOWEVER.  Because I live in the real world where I do have limited funds (and so do my clients!), sometimes you just gotta get creative and work within your budget.  But I never give in to the ‘BAD’ or the ugly!  Just because you don’t have the cash doesn’t mean you can’t have a unique piece of art!

THE THING IS.  You’ll notice that the ”GOOD’ metal wall art is large with a real presence in its space.  Hard to get that with the flimsy little pieces you see at your local home store!

Fetco Home Decor Brinley Wall Art

BAD.  But could be very GOOD if you had several hung all together.  Via Wayfair.com $35

HERE’S A THOUGHT.  Although tacky alone, imagine several of these ‘BAD’ pieces in a cluster hung closely together, to appear as one larger piece?!  (do you see it?).  Or imagine an entire wall covered -like 3d wallpaper.  So cool.  You could even spray paint them a different color!!  It may not be entirely custom art …but it would qualify as one of a kind, right?

Fetco Home Decor Ruth Abstract Circles Wall Art

BAD, but could be GOOD with three hung tightly together.  via Wayfair.com $21.49

NOT CONVINCED?  Check out (below) my new wall installation in place of where that outdated console and vignette once was. I was lucky to find two medium sized pieces that were similar (not identical) and on clearance at HomeSense/HomeGoods!  Not sure if I will spray paint them or not.  Right now I am simply enjoying the feeling of that small (yet significant) change.  What are you’re thoughts?


BEFORE.  Cluttered and outdated.

Do you like the BEFORE or AFTER better?


AFTER.  Modern and airy.





Check back soon for more updates.  Actually, why don’t you just follow me on Facebook ?! I don’t just post blog updates but design inspirations too!

SHOW OFF.  Have you got a special metal art piece on your wall that you are loving and convinced it falls into the ‘GOOD’ category? I WANNA SEE IT!! Take a pic and post it on on my FB wall!



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Master Bedroom Retreat

I’ve blogged about my master bedroom before (you can find that post HERE).  But I never mentioned anything about the large recessed wall across from the bed.  There was a television, complete with visible ugly wires and a small audio stand housing our digital video recorder (DVR).  Blah.


Several months ago we ditched the satellite dish for a tiny Apple TV unit (it sits just on top of the television), which meant “ba-bye” to the DVR and the awkward audio stand.  The hubs got to work opening a section of the wall and did a little electrical work to hide all the wires  Then he repaired the wall, mudded and sanded and I finished up with a coat of primer and two coats of leftover bedroom paint.  I must say we did a pretty good job -you can’t even tell!


Now we were left with a clean, empty slate.  At first I had visions of something custom built like bookcases or shelving.  But you always have to think about resale and if/when we sell this house, built-ins would mean one huge wall lost for bedroom furniture pieces like dressers or a vanity (we prefer storing all our clothes in our his and her walk-in closets).


With our kids getting older and taking over more of our home’s entertaining spaces for themselves and their friends, I wanted to create a quite, lounging, retreat feeling in our bedroom.  I decided to incorporate the existing day bed we already had and buy cabinets to place on either end so I could have a surface where I could put a small coffee pot and sparkling water (boutique hotel inspired much?!).  The cabinets were tricky to find because I needed a specific size for a snug, custom-like fit between the (recessed) wall and the daybed. After several months I did find two identical cabinets in the perfect size that needed a little DIY! (you can read all about that HERE).


The accessories however were fun to shop for, and I was definitely looking to inject some touches of silver and gold for a little glamour like the gorgeous antique crystal and silver pitcher – it weighs a ton and I am in serious love with it!  Or the cute lamp with gold sequins shade I picked up at HomenSense/HomeGoods.  As well as a couple of hits of coral pink, like the stunning vintage vase I scored and the cashmere blanket I already had (from my mom) tucked away in the back of my linen closet.




The three round abstract art pieces were a made by me, to find out more on the art DIY click HERE.  The art resting near the coffee maker is an original by a talented friend Susan B. Landis, you can browse her work and get more info on her blog HERE.






I did a lot of shopping in my own house, which I always try and do first before going out and spending.  Not only does it save money but by moving things around to different rooms in your home, you get to enjoy your stuff in a new way.

The mask on the floor is from a vacation to Mexico and I plan on hanging it eventually but it is SUPER HEAVY and definitely a two person, with power tools, kind of job.  Although I am starting to like it resting there on the floor!  The stainless tray and coffee pot is by Everyday Essential from Loblaws.  The container that the plant is in is actually a storage basket I picked up at HomeSense/HomeGood


All of the throw pillows I already had (some made by me, others purchased) except for the two large back pillows which are in fact, dog beds! You can read all about that HERE as well as the sparkly sequins teal pillow or as I like to call it The Tube Dress Throw Pillow Skirt (you can read about that HERE).



vignette: decorating master bedroom

More to come soon …thanks for stopping by!


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The Tube Dress Throw Pillow Skirt

sequins tube dress FOREVER 21

I have teenagers.  Which means I often shop in places like Urban Planet, Forever 21 and American Eagle.  Sometimes, I’ll even come home with a little something for myself.  No, I am not the mom who goes to Pilates wearing leggings with “SASSY” written across her behind, nor am I running to the grocery store in daisy dukes and cropped flouncy tops.  However, when it comes to inexpensive jewelry, scarves or a pair of polka dot flip flops -I’m in!

tube dress

Sometime back in February, I was checking out the clearance racks, looking for deals for the kids when I spotted some really nice holiday tube dresses or should I say tube tops?! (side note: I mean, is it just me or are some of these dresses designed for young women under 4 feet tall!) Anyways, I had a great idea …and for the price, I felt it was worth testing out my little experiment…

sequins aqua tube dress

Once home I made a small cut to the dress liner (using fabric scissors) and removed the built-in bra cups.

cutting the bra cups from tube dress

Next, I grabbed a rectangle (not square) pillow and inserted it to the middle part of the dress and folded the sides inward… and that’s it.  A no sew pillow in an instant!

tube dress turned pillow

Now, obviously this is the kind of throw pillow you don’t have on your TV watching sofa, or on a chair that gets tons of use, because aside from not being comfortable to snuggle with, it isn’t made to be handled: the pillow will eventually work it’s way loose and out of the dress.  However, on a daybed, tucked in a sea of other pillows, in my bedroom -it’s perfect!

tube dress turned pillow

Why don’t I just make a proper DIY pillow and sew it up you ask?  Well this is the best part:  Because for the once a year (if that) where I wish I had a sparkly party skirt, I can have that too -also, in an instant.  Yup, these form-fitting-20-something-club-hopping-tube-dresses, make for a sweet twist on the just above the knee or of the moment midi skirt! (tip:be sure to keep the shirt and shoes simple).

tube dress turned skirt

This past Saturday night, when my daughter started to rummage in my closet to help me choose an outfit for my friends 40th surprise birthday party, I told her that I had it under control and whipped the pillow out of the Tube-Dress-Throw-Pillow-Skirt and slipped it on.  Despite sighing and calling me a mermaid (isn’t that a good thing?) I know she was secretly impressed.

TUTORIAL: The-Tube-Dress-Throw-Pillow-Skirt

So, what do you think?  Any of you have a DIY story of a dress or skirt turned something else?  Feel free to share!

tube dress turned skirt


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Maybe because I’ve been feeling artsy lately and have started a couple of new abstract paintings for my master bedroom (more on that to come) but I’ve become really obsessed with watercolor inspired textiles and walls.  It evokes a dreamy and soothing vibe.

click on any of the photos below to be directed to the source

Black Crow Studios

FARGER RETT PÅ VEGGEN: Fargerik stue med høyst originalt veggmaleri, malt av Josefine Lyche. Grå skinnesofa Kennedee fra Poltrona Frau og salongbord fra Loftet Antikk. Rød puff fra Tannum Møbler.  Foto: Sandra Aslaksen

photo Sandra Aslaksen

Black Crow Studios

DIY Ombré Bedding - House & Home

House and Home magazine / DIY bedding



Jacqueline Maldonado

Etsy pillow : HETTLE shop

Hettle (Etsy Shop)

watercolor tablecloth


watercolor wallpaper

Black Crow Studios

Lonny magazine / April 2013

watercolor wallpaper / www.blackcrowstudios.com

Black Crow Studios


Living Etc magazine



I would love a room with watercolor walls.  Sigh.  Meanwhile, to get my fix I may just snap up one of these gorgeous pillows (below) by Blue Bell Gray selling at Chapters right now (online and in stores).  Drool.

bluebellgray® Anemone Pillowbluebellgray® Untitled 3 Pillow

bluebellgray® Martha Pillowbluebellgray® Teal Paintbox Pillow


Thanks for checking in!


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WHY NOT WEDNESDAY : light it up!

“string of lights + large house plant = mood lighting

If you love the lighting you get from candles -why not throw some Christmas lights inside one of your larger house planters?  Perfect for adding a little warm glow and ambiance on these grey and chilly February nights!

light up plants home decorating

xmas lights to light up plantshouse plant with lights

lighting up plants

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