Maybe because I’ve been feeling artsy lately and have started a couple of new abstract paintings for my master bedroom (more on that to come) but I’ve become really obsessed with watercolor inspired textiles and walls.  It evokes a dreamy and soothing vibe.

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Black Crow Studios

FARGER RETT PÅ VEGGEN: Fargerik stue med høyst originalt veggmaleri, malt av Josefine Lyche. Grå skinnesofa Kennedee fra Poltrona Frau og salongbord fra Loftet Antikk. Rød puff fra Tannum Møbler.  Foto: Sandra Aslaksen

photo Sandra Aslaksen

Black Crow Studios

DIY Ombré Bedding - House & Home

House and Home magazine / DIY bedding



Jacqueline Maldonado

Etsy pillow : HETTLE shop

Hettle (Etsy Shop)

watercolor tablecloth


watercolor wallpaper

Black Crow Studios

Lonny magazine / April 2013

watercolor wallpaper / www.blackcrowstudios.com

Black Crow Studios


Living Etc magazine



I would love a room with watercolor walls.  Sigh.  Meanwhile, to get my fix I may just snap up one of these gorgeous pillows (below) by Blue Bell Gray selling at Chapters right now (online and in stores).  Drool.

bluebellgray® Anemone Pillowbluebellgray® Untitled 3 Pillow

bluebellgray® Martha Pillowbluebellgray® Teal Paintbox Pillow


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Why Not Wednesday: create and print your own fabric, wallpaper and decals !?!

“Oh Em Gee!!!”

Can’t find a drapes for your dining room in a cute pattern with that perfect teal blue color in it??  Not a problem.  Why not just design your own?

Pinned Image

When I came upon this web site, my jaw dropped open and my mind began to race at all the possibilities.  Spoonflower.com allows anyone to upload either a photo or their own design which can then be printed on your choice of fabric, wallpaper or wall decals.  I know, it’s a-mazing.  I am ashamed I didn’t know about this sooner.  The possibilities are endless.

Need more inspiration? Check out this pillow (below) made by Melissa of Haworth Handmade.  She took a photo of some books on a shelf in her home. Then uploaded it to Spoonflower.com where she had it printed on fabric and made this awesome throw pillow for her mother (for more details visit her blog).

book pillow, created using spoonflower.comI am day dreaming big time.  You?

– Julie

WHY NOT WEDNESDAY : show your stripes!

“Why not consider stripes next time you’re looking to update your decor?”

Apparently stripes are “in” for 2013 but honestly, have they ever been out?  Wide or pin, horizontal or vertical, stripes are classic yet versatile enough to go with absolutely any decor style.

stripes modern masculine & feminine balanceCombining and updating:  Above is an example of a his and hers place -a young couple’s first apartment. A mix of modern and eclectic, feminine and masculine.  Adding a new bold stripe rug, a textured striped ottoman, throw pillows and small stripe picture frame help to tie the colour palette and make both of their individual stuff come together in a more purposeful and unified way.  Click HERE for the full list of products and to shop all that you see in this look!

Currey & Company Alberto Orb Chandelier

Currey & Company

Olin Gold 5x8 Rug

Crate and Barrel

Glamour and Stripes

Keeping it from getting too girly: Imagine this look (above) without the modern striped rug or the in-your-face graphic pendant light fixture (or the striped tray, plant container, throw pillows and frames…).  If the rug and pillows were floral and the fixture was a crystal chandelier the feeling of this space would be much softer and more feminine -not to mention that the gold gun table lamp would look really out of place!  Click HERE to shop everything in this look!

Calypso Tray - Blue/Cream Stripe

Calypso Tray

David Trubridge - Bounce Pendant Lamp : David Trubridge - Bounce Pendant Lamp -Black

David Trubridge


Stripes in a busy roomLightening it up: Those who love pattern can sometimes get carried away! Just because the honey bee repeat pattern drapes, kaleidoscope rug and floral throw pillows all match by color doesn’t mean they go together! Edit out a few items and opt for the classic and always versatile stripes instead!  Stripes go well with a variety of patterns and can go a long way in helping to break things up by making a space feel less heavy. Click HERE to view the full list of products and shop every item in this look!

DwellStudio Draper Stripe Ash Standard Sham Set


Jagges Stripe Oslo Gray Rug Rug Size: 3' x 5'

Jagges Oslo Gray

Jonathan Adler Wallpaper

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WHY NOT WEDNESDAY : January blah fix for a buck!

“candles, candy, coffee beans, crystals and a dash of salt!”

It’s January.  The holiday decorations are put away, the planning and entertaining has been replaced by daily routines and many of us are trying to get back on a budget in order pay down that credit card before spring.  Blah.

Still, it’s nice to treat yourself and your space to a little something new.  With the lose change floating around at the bottom of your purse and a few items you may already have around the house, you can create a cute custom candle or two!

Valentine candy candle

Pretty Edible: This tarnished silver crystal bowl was $1 (check out those second hand shops people!).  The small vanilla scented candle ($1) and bag of valentine heart candies (also for $1) were both purchased at the Dollarama.

candle and valentine candy

Coffee candle

Wedding Leftovers & Coffee Beans: Dig out one of those centrepiece vases you were lucky enough to bring home from the last wedding you attended (sarcasm alert!) or pick up something new (the round glass vase pictured, was only $1).  Browse your collection of candles (or treat yourself to a new one).  Add a couple of scoops of whole coffee beans to your vase (about $1 worth, from a bag that cost me about $6) for an adorable, not to mention great smelling, candle -perfect for the kitchen!

Coffee candle


Q. What is that?
A. Chandelier crystals, duh!


crystal candle

Bling It: Who doesn’t have a pile of antique chandelier crystals hanging around am I right? OK, well I had some sitting in a closet …and one day I just thought; “hey my crystals might be cute in this candle holder with the woodsy smelling candle I scored for a couple of bucks!“.  It is, and I love it! (candle from Michael’s arts and crafts store).

crystals candle

crystal candle

Faux Snow: Here (below) is an idea that comes in way under a buck.  A pretty glass from your pantry, some coarse sea salt and a tea candle = a sweet winter theme candle!

coarse salt candle

The 101: Why spend a lot on something you are literally going to set on fire!!?

sea salt candle

Q. What is ‘CINQ‘?
A. It’s French for ‘FIVE

sea salt sandle