A Small Front Stoop With BIG Curb Appeal




If you have a sprawling front stoop or a large porch your outdoor decorating options are almost endless.  However, those of us with only a few square feet can still add big impact.  The key is to choose carefully and to not let the fact that you are working with a small space make you believe that you have to buy only small accessories.  In fact, the opposite is what will give you that wow factor!  (Of course, do make sure that guests can comfortably make it to the front door without having to squeeze or step around a large awkward chair or planter).

lion head wreath

If you follow me on instagram then you might have seen the collage pic of how I put together that lion wreath.  The boxwood wreath is from Smith & Hawken for Target and the oversize (and totally awesome!) metal lion head door knocker is from HomeGoods/HomeSense.  I also swapped out my plain door mat for one with a pattern which I purchased at Jysk.

pattern door mat


lion head wreath

Next, I wanted to replace my planters.  I used to have short square black ones on every other step (for a total of 3 planters) but they were starting to chip and even though I could have spray painted them to give them a little facelift I wanted ones with more height.  The month of August  is a good time to check out the sales or clearance in the seasonal and gardening shops:  I scored the heavy black clay planters at Walmart for only $30 each and the palms trees were a mere $10 buck.


The look is unique and a lot more dramatic – exactly what I was going for!

HOW TO GET THIS LOOK: just remember these four words while shopping for your small space: BIG. TALL. TEXTURE. PATTERN.  I went for a big wreath, tall planters, added texture with the boxwood wreath and palm trees, then added a pop of pattern with a new door mat.  Another reason this all works together is because the color palette neutral and natural.

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*The outdoor light fixtures are from Canadian Tire.

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Easy and budget friendly weekend project: a front stoop

Easy and budget friendly weekend project: a front stoop


Levelling the subsoil is as easy as using a level and a scrap piece of wood.
(Gazette, Julie Cadieux)

by Julie Cadieux

Lack of a proper front porch on a new home construction in St. Lazare prompted the owners to take on this budget-friendly design which consists of slate-lookalike patio stones and grass. The result? A small gravel front walkway has been turned into a larger and more formal patio area.
An edger, a level, sand, measuring tape and a bottle of chalk was all that was needed to complete this “do it yourself” project.
After raising and compacting the area with fill and topping it off with topsoil, rolls of grass were installed. Next the slatelike stone pavers were laid out in a desired pattern, making sure each one was spaced the same distance apart. Chalk was then sprinkled along the edge of the stone and once removed, the chalk outline remained on the grass making it simple to remove the grass with an edger. The bare area was levelled with sand and compacted using a scrap piece of lumber.
The process took several hours but the result was well worth it when combined with complementary landscaping for a unique, inexpensive and easy DIY project.
Julie Cadieux’s home styling advice is available at http://www.julieloveshome.wordpress.com


A chalk outline on each faux slate tile allows for easier edging.
(Gazette, Julie Cadieux)


Setting the squares is time consuming, but placement is forgiving.
(Gazette, Julie Cadieux).


The result is a front walkway that looks like it was professionally installed.
(Gazette, Julie Cadieux)

The Hudson St. Lazare Gazette, June 29 2011