from the heart Valentine gifting for kids & teens!

Valentine's Day: breakfast nook

tiered cupcake holder from HomeGoods

As the kids get older, it becomes more difficult to make Valentine’s day special (especially when your two oldest are teenage boys!).  Still, no matter how old (or cool) they get I know I can show my crew how much I love them by baking up some sweet treats!  This year chocolate cupcakes with cherry flavoured icing will greet them when they get home from school.

valentine cupcake

JELLO icing: 1 1/2 cups of whipping cream, 1 pack of (cherry) jello, about 2 cups of icing sugar. With hand held blender whip until set & fluffy! 

I have never been a big fan of spending on a lot on gifts for my kids on VD.  I feel like, aside from the usual birthday and Christmas kids get stuff all year long, all of the time -am I right?  New clothes, shoes, movies, McDonald’s, amusement parks, craft supplies, ice cream …it never ends.

valentine's day gifts

keeping it simple …and silly!

Still, I will usually gift them some Valentine’s chocolates (this year I purchased a little less candy and opted for pop tarts – I never, ever buy them, so they will probably devour that before anything else! – and I usually also purchase a small little item, like a book or a month’s worth of mints or gum to keep in their lockers for fresh breath at school!  For little kids think; pack of small toy animals, a new headband or colouring book.

valentine gifts girl

For the girl who wants to be a veterinarian : I scored the vintage horse first aid book for $0.50!

More importantly though I think, something from the heart is really what Valentine’s Day is all about. Everyone, no matter the age wants to know they are loved and to hear something positive about themselves.  You don’t have to buy a card …get out a pen and piece of paper or hop on the laptop and print out a little something thoughtful about each child to slip it in with their Valentine’s treat!

valentines day teens

valentine's day : teens

Our dog KAYA: siberian husky valentine photo collageIn addition this year I managed to take some pictures of our dog Kaya  (she has a weird fear-hate with the camera so it’s almost impossible to ever actually get a photo of her looking straight on) and I made a funny little collage of them using PIXLR express (Efficient)  I put it on Facebook and tagged them as a surprise (…I know, I know… but when it comes to their dog, it’s perfectly OK!  Public messages from me or any other photos of course are an absolute no-no!)

silly valentine

 Happy Valentines Day!


thrifty outdoor Valentine decor

A few days after New Year’s I took down all of my outdoor Christmas lights and decor.  The house looked sad.  Luckily, with Valentine’s day around the corner it was a good excuse to add back some colour and cheer to the front stoop!

wood glitter Valentine heart wreathNot wanting to spend too much, I found this wood and glitter wreath at the dollar store for $2 along with some cute plastic heart picks which cost me another whopping $2.

valentine heart decorTo get even more bang for my measly two bucks I broke the wreath apart into three separate hearts.  It was easy to do since they were only held together by a slim wood dowel.  Next I simply tucked in one of the wood hearts and two plastic heart picks into each of my three outdoor containers/planters. *Note: Remember to choose wood or plastic Valentine decorations if you want to use them outdoors!

outdoor valentine planter

Valentine planterValentine planter

Valntine planterThe bird houses, greenery, icicle ornaments and birch branches were already there as part of my Christmas planters (for more details on that click HERE).  I decided to keep them since they look wintery and outdoorsy (FYI, the snow is real!).  To check out what my planters looked like during the holidays, with the addition of lights and aqua-blue Christmas decorations, click HERE.

valentine decor outsideFor my front door wreath, I hung my good old standy-by, winter themed wreath made of grape vines, real twigs and little bits and pieces of artificial greenery (I’m pretty sure I scored it at Target a few years ago from the Smith & Hawken line).  In the centre I added added a rustic heart wreath which I recently purchased at The Christmas Tree Shop over the holidays for $4.99 (while visiting friends in Pennsylvania).

rustic wreath valentine

valentine door wreathrustic valentine heart wearth Thanks for checking in!  I hope you’re inspired to add a heart, or 3 somewhere to your home!

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